First Sign of Life!

19 Aug, 2012

Well, I couldn’t wait to see some results, so I went for something visible.  The one thing I KNEW I could fix was the marquee.  I grabbed the old bulb and the old starter and headed to the hardware store.  I paid way too much for replacements and popped them in and flipped on the power.  Nothing. Well, so much for the quick-fix. In my research on the interwebs, I found some good tips.  It seems that the biggest culprit in this cabinet is “Big Blue”.  Big Blue is a large, 27 farad, electrolytic capacitor on the power supply.  (The one in the photo is black because I forgot to take a photo before I replaced it.)  Electrolytic capacitors have …Read the rest of this post

I’m Back (Again) – Dig Dug Cabinet!

I haven’t had a lot to blog about for a while.  Life has been happening, but I don’t blog about that, I blog about my projects. Well, I have a …Read the rest of this post

And now, for something completely different…

I have not written here about Magic: The Gathering, a collectible card game that I have been playing for about a year and a half.  It started in my workplace, …Read the rest of this post

Claymation Explanation of Pointers

This is hilarious and educational, all at the same time!  For those who don’t get how pointers work, this clears it up:

Powered Breadboard Build

  I noticed I was doing a lot of breadboarding at my desk (as opposed to my worktable in the basement).  That was fine, but I always had to have …Read the rest of this post

STM32 Value Line Discovery board released

STMicroelectronics has a new “evaluation board” for its “value line” of STM32 microcontrollers, priced at “under $10″.  (Product page) This seems to be a follow-up to its little brother: the …Read the rest of this post

Electricity Consumption Monitor… A Step Forward

With some very helpful basic electronics advice from NJC (of NJC’s MSP430 LaunchPad Blog), and others on the Four-Three-Oh! forums, I rebuilt my IR sensor with a lower value pull-up …Read the rest of this post

Now With Mobile!

13 Sep, 2010
Now With Mobile!

I added a mobile theme (coincidentally named “Mobile Theme” – link in pic) because I was tired of my blog looking like crap on my Android phone.  I’m not sure …Read the rest of this post

Joes Bytes LaunchPad Mini Proto Board

TI’s MSP430 LaunchPad is growing a great community, and along with it, some opportunities.  Joe over at recently sent me a sample of his new LaunchPad Mini Proto Board; …Read the rest of this post

Bug in the code…

30 Aug, 2010

Since some people have actually been visiting the site and taking the time to post comments, I should pay a little more attention to my blog.  I have noticed the …Read the rest of this post

Measure Three Times, Fab Once?

My circuit boards arrived, and they are beautiful!  The quality on these boards is outstanding.  I will definitely be ordering through DorkbotPDX again.  You can see that the cuts are …Read the rest of this post